Century Pacific Supports Ateneo Faculty Research

A memorandum of agreement was signed by Mr Ricardo S Po, Chairman Emeritus, Century Pacific Group-RSPO Foundation Inc*, and Father President Jose Ramon T Villarin SJ, Ateneo de Manila University, to establish the Ricardo S Po Professorial Chair for Excellence in Business, an endowment for faculty development in the Ateneo de Manila University, starting in School Year 2018-2019. The agreement was signed at the Boardroom, 2F Xavier Hall, Ateneo Loyola Heights main campus, on 11 October 2017.

Being an endowment or perpetual fund, the principal shall not be spent. Up to 90% of the yearly interest earnings of the endowment shall be made available for disbursement yearly for the purposes of the endowment. The remaining 10% or more of the fund’s annual interest earnings shall be retained with the fund principal to help maintain or increase the value of the endowment in the face of inflation. Should any part of the annual income or earnings of the fund be left unspent or unused at the end of the year, the surplus will be added to the principal.

The endowment is primarily for a Professorial Chair Award for faculty members with the rank of Full Professor or Associate Professor with the Loyola Schools. The Chair is intended to support research and projects in the areas of, but not limited to, family business, business journalism, entrepreneurship, business innovation, sustainable business practices, and social entrepreneurship. When there are excess earnings after awarding a Professorial Chair each year, the fund may support research, scholarly work, and other academic pursuits by members of the Business Resource Center (BRC), the School of Management Business Accelerator (SOMBA), the Ateneo Center for Social Enterprise (ASCENT), and the Family Business Development Center (FBDC), including lectures and the publication of works. After awarding a Professorial Chair each year, the fund may also support attendance or participation of members of the John Gokongwei School of Management (JGSOM) and its related centers, in various academic fora such as conferences and workshops, including travel and lodging accommodations.

It is Mr Po’s wish that through this Chair, the level of professional competence and service of Ateneo faculty will be elevated in order to continue to provide the best possible quality education to its students, and more business leaders will emerge for greater national development.

The First Ricardo S Po Professorial Chair Award shall be given to Dr. Queena N. Lee-Chua,

PhD, for at least two (2) school years, starting in SY 2018-2019, using interest earnings from the Endowment in Fiscal Year 2017-2018. Dr. Chua is a Full Professor with the Department of Mathematics, School of Science and Engineering, Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University, and a member of the Board of Directors of the FBDC of JGSOM, Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University. She is a graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University, BS Mathematics, Summa cum laude, 1987, has an MA in Counseling Psychology, 1992, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology1995. Dr. Chua writes a column for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, titled “All in the Family.”

Also in attendance at the MOA signing on 11 October 2017 were Mr Oscar A Pobre, CFO, Century Pacific Group Inc and an alumnus of the University, College 1977; College 1977 alumni, Ms Irma L Cecilio and Ms Bess Claudio Umali; Dr Luis F Dumlao, PhD, Dean, JGSOM; and Ria Sison with the Office of University Development.

Prepared by the Office of University Development, Ateneo de Manila University

*Century Pacific Group-RSPo Foundation Inc. was founded by and named after Ricardo S. Po Sr., the company’s founder and Chairman Emeritus, which serves as the corporate social responsibility arm of Century Pacific Food, Inc. (CNPF), the Philippines’ largest canned food manufacturer. The foundation was established as a way to help address some of the major issues our country faces today, such as those in the education sector.

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Century Tuna inspires marine conservation and learning


Century Tuna, the country’s number one tuna, recently led the inauguration of the first-ever Kidzania Marine Conservation Lab at Kidzania Manila, the indoor play city where kids can have fun exploring the adult world through inspiration and learning. The new facility was established by the leading tuna brand in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines.

At the new Kidzania Marine Conservation Lab, kids learn about marine ecosystems, sustainability, and the need to care for our seas through a mock underwater facility that houses models of marine ecosystems and research workstations. As marine conservationists, kids are tasked to study marine ecosystems and come up with solutions to problems they face.

Gracing this significant occasion was Senator Kiko Pangilinan who lauded the effort of Century Pacific Food, Inc., World Wildlife Fund for Nature and Kidzania Manila.  “The sea is very much a part of our lives, which is why marine conservation is of utmost concern. It is very important that we have an undertaking that will raise awareness among our children on the importance of marine conservation. We are so connected to the ocean – more than we are aware of.”

On hand to welcome guests were CPFI CEO and President Christopher Po and GM/Vice President Greg Banzon; WWF President Joel Palma and KidZania Philippines State Governor Maricel Arenas.

Century Tuna celebrity ambassador James Reid graced the opening and joined a tour of the new facility. Also present were WWF celebrity ambassadors Iza Calzado and Mark Nelson.

Speaking before guests, Po extolled the crucial role that the facility can play in raising awareness among kids on the value of marine conservation. “More than half of our business is marine-related,” Po states. “Conservation of our marine resources is a challenge we face every day, not just in our company but for all of us who depend on marine resources. So we hope this facility will help inspire our youngsters to take up marine research and conservation.”

Jose Palma, WWF President also stressed that the Philippines is in the heart of the coral triangle so we cannot overemphasize the need to instill curiosity and interest among our children on the importance of marine resources and conservation.

The Marine Research Lab hopes to not only nurture future Philippine scientists, but to also impart an important mission. “All of us, including our future environmental stewards, have a big responsibility to protect our marine resources,” said KidZania Philippines State Governor, Maricel Arenas. “In the Marine Research Lab, we believe we can champion the commitment to protect our natural heritage and to appreciate more meaningfully our gift of biodiversity,” she added.

– Fuentes Manila

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Century Pacific named Asia’s ‘Marketing Company of the Year’

From local to global:

Home-grown company wins top Asian marketing award

A company that started as a small fish cannery enterprise in far-flung Mindanao has just been named Asia’s Marketing Company of the Year, a recognition from the Asia Marketing Excellence Award which is considered  the highest marketing award given to deserving corporations in Asia for their outstanding and trailblazing efforts in marketing products and services.

Century Pacific Food, Inc. (CPFI), represented by its CEO Chris Po and General Manager Greg Banzon, received the esteemed recognition in a highly anticipated awards ceremony held in South Korea.  The award is a first for the Philippines and definitely a major feat for CPFI, a company whose brands and products dominate the canned food market in the Philippines, outshone 39 entries from 9 Asian countries.

The company has obviously come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1978 when it was founded by journalist and advertising man turned entrepreneur Ricardo S. Po, Sr.  Mr Po first launched the company under the name Century Canning Corporation with then flagship product555 Canned Sardines. Mr. Po’s keen eye for consumer needs has seen early success for the brand in sales and market share. Soon, the company found itself breaking into the canned tuna category in spite of the presence of competitive imported brands. This ushered the birth of Century Tuna.

From a humble fish cannery business to one of the country’s most outstanding food and beverage companies, with brands present in 600,000 stores nationwide. To date, the corporation exports to 58 countries the world over.

Today, Century Tuna has pioneered lifestyle marketing in the food category –with its brand positioning pegged on health, fitness and being sexy. This helped propel the brand to success, reaching foreign shores even, as its cans now line the shelves of some of the top multinational retail chains like Walmart, Safeway and Carrefour. It has also launched the biggest, most highly anticipated and glamorous model search in the country – Century Tuna Superbods.

CPFI also launched mid-priced tuna variants under the 555 brand name to expand to the lower income bracket. The company now dominates the tuna category with a strong 85% share.

Apart from marine products, CPFI also ventured into the canned meat category through the Argentina brand, best known for market leader Argentina Corned Beef. Its savoury taste, good quality meat and long shreds have made it an instant Pinoy favourite. The company also ventured into the highly competitive milk market with strong brands Birch Tree and Angel.

Beyond strengthening its solid base in the local canned products industry and setting its sights on penetrating the more competitive global market, CPFI makes it a point to always give back, sharing its success to the community. Through the RS Po Foundation’s Kain Po Feeding Program for less fortunate public school students, the company has been able to serve a total of 3 Million meals to indigent youth. Now that’s taking its vision of truly nourishing and delighting everyone, everyday, everywhere to heart.

-Fuentes Manila

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KAIN Po, the flagship feeding program of the Century Pacific Group – RSPo Foundation, marked the delivery of its 15 millionth meal in a joint event with Move.Org Foundation. During the event held last month, students from the MovEd Pre School in Pasig City welcomed CPG-RSP founder Ricardo S. Po, members of his family, and guests as they celebrated KAIN Po’s major milestone.

KAIN Po Feeding program initially targeted serving 300,000 free meals when it started in 2010. Since then, it has grown exponentially to 15 million meals in just 5 years by working primarily with the Department of Education and NGOs targeting the severely malnourished segment of the student population estimated at 1.8 million Filipino children.

CPG-RSP Foundation founder Ricardo S. Po Sr serving the Kain Po 15 millionth meal to a MovEd preschool student in Pasig City

The milestone event held at MovEd which was founded in 2012 by Alexandra M. Eduque. The organization provides early childhood care and development programs in underserved communities.

CPG RSP’s support for in school feeding programs stems from the research of DepEd – Health and Nutrition Centre that under nutrition is one of the culprits of high dropout rates of the school-age children. With the intervention of the KAIN Po Feeding Program, participating students showed less absences and better school performance due to improved nutrition.

“We hope to continue to provide children across the country with the opportunity to benefit from their education by supporting both their physical and mental well-being.” said Mr. Ricardo S. Po Sr. when asked if the Foundation intends to continue its ambitious track to deliver meals.

(From 2nd Row, L-R: Nanette Medved-Po, Christopher T. Po – President and CEO, Century Pacific Food, Inc., Angelita T. Po, Ricardo S. Po Sr. – Chairman and Founder, Century Pacific Group-RSPO Foundation, Inc., Leonardo T. Po, Marielle S. Po, Alexandra M. Eduque – Founder and Chairman, Move.Org Foundation, Emerson C. Villarante 1st Row: Students of MovEd Pre School, Pasig City)
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Century Pacific Debuts on the MSCI Philippine Small Cap Index


Century Pacific Food, Inc (CNPF), the Philippines’ largest canned food company, is set to make its debut on the MSCI Philippine Small Cap Index, effective May 31, 2016.

It will be joining heavyweights Manila Water, First Gen, Doubledragon, and D&L Industries, on the closely tracked index.

“We are excited about the prospect of attracting more investors to our story,” said Century Pacific CFO Oscar A. Pobre.

CNPF’s recent inclusion was a result of a semi-annual review conducted by MSCI, the leading provider of stock market indices and investment decision tools to clients worldwide. Other new additions to the Philippine small-cap index include gaming resort operator Bloomberry and technology firm Xurpas.

Pobre added, “The domestic economy continues to provide growth opportunities for a company like ours and we look forward to growing with our shareholders, as we execute on our business plans and strategies.”

Century Pacific recently reported net income of Php 636 million for the first three months of the year, up 45 percent from one year-ago.

The company behind household names Century Tuna and Argetina Corned Beef attributed the good performance to strong local demand for its branded products, improved sales distribution and its well-executed marketing campaigns.


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WWF and Century Pacific Promote Sustainably-Caught Tuna in the Davao Gulf


wwf The simplest ways of catching tuna are often the most sustainable. Environmental solutions provider World  Wide  Fund  for  Nature  (WWF)  has  renewed  ties  with  Century  Pacific  Food,  Inc.  (CNPF),  the Philippines’  largest  canned  food  company,  to  promote  artisanal  tuna  handline  fishing  in  the  Davao Gulf.

Considered the country’s 10th  most productive fishing site, the gulf buoys the economies of five coastal cities and 18 coastal municipalities. Though it employs 19,000 municipal plus 1,000 commercial fishers and annually contributes P1.18 billion to the country’s coffers, its fish are in dire straits.

According to a study presented to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) in 2008, the Davao Gulf is among the Philippines’ most overfished sites. It recently absorbed the bulk of displaced tuna fishers from General Santos.

Expanding  on  its  three-year  project  to  improve  small-scale  tuna  fisheries  in  Ilocos  Norte,  WWF,  and CNPF will promote sustainable tuna fishing in the Davao Gulf by enhancing local fisheries management and ensuring the economic viability of its handline industry.

Tuna handlines are small, circular reels with a single baited hook – better alternatives to commercial tuna  long-lines,  which  stretch  up  to  80  km  and  are  rigged  with  up  to  3000  hooks, which  often snag sharks, dolphins and sea turtles.

The project shall improve local fisheries governance and meat-handling practices, maximize economic benefits by bridging fishers with preferential foreign markets and establish external support sources.

“Sustainability is business viability. Where will we source our tuna if our own fish stocks crash?” asks Century Pacific Food, Inc. General Manager Greg Banzon. “The business of going green is everybody’s business. Having made good progress with WWF in Ilocos Norte, we believe it’s time to replicate our successes in other areas.”

Today  about  52%  of  Philippine  fisheries  exports  come  from  tuna.  WWF’s  Global  Oceans  Campaign, Sustain Our Seas, builds on decades of work to rekindle the health and productivity of the Earth’s chief seafood source – its oceans.

“WWF  works  to  ensure that  humanity  will  always  have  a  steady  source  of  food,”  concludes WWF- Philippines  President  &  CEO  Joel  Palma.  “Championing  sustainable fishing  with  CNPF  and  our  BFAR allies is a concrete step towards this.”

yellowfinYellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) are some of the country’s most  highly-prized  fish.  Yellowfin  tuna  sport  metallic  blue backs,   golden  flanks,   silver   bellies   and  bright  yellow   fins. Shown is a fisher in the Lagonoy Gulf. (Gregg Yan / WWF)


tunaTuna   are   among   the   world’s   most   important    marine commodities,      feeding            millions            of     people    globally               while providing  affordable  protein  for  millions  of  Filipinos.  Shown are  yellowfin  tuna  being  sold  at  the  General  Santos  fish landing port. (Gregg Yan / WWF)


reelCircular   handline   reel   with   a   lead   sinker   and   a   J-Hook. Compared  with  bag-nets which  cordon off entire  fish  schools or long-lines which stretch up to 80 kilometres, handline reels ensure  that  only  large  pelagic  predators  like  tuna  or  billfish bite. This is a solution to the global problem of  bycatch – the unintended capture of non-targeted species which wastes up to 40% of global yields annually. (Gregg Yan / WWF)

For further information:

Mr. Ricky Biyo
Davao Project Manager, WWF-Philippines

Mr. Gregg Yan
Communications and Media Manager, WWF-Philippines
920-7923/26/31, 0917-833-4734

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Century Pacific IPO Named Deal Of The Year


The Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Century Pacific Food, Inc. was named the
Philippines’ 2014 Deal of the Year at The Asset’s Triple A Awards.

Century Pacific Food, Inc, the company behind household brands Century Tuna,
Argentina Corned Beef, 555 Sardines, Angel, and Birch Tree, debuted on the
local stock market last May 6 under the trading symbol CNPF.

“It was a great honor and pleasure to advise and assist Century Pacific on its
IPO. It is gratifying to see how successful it was and that this was recognized by
the prestigious Asset Magazine as one of its deals for the year,” said Stephen
CuUnjieng, Chairman of Evercore Asia which acted as exclusive financial adviser
to Century Pacific.

The IPO was 3.5 times oversubscribed and allowed CNPF to raise Php3.2 billion

via the sale of 230 million shares at Php13.75 apiece.

Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, through Arran Investment Private Ltd, also
extended to parent company, Century Canning Corporation, a Php3.4 billion loan
convertible to 250 million issued and outstanding shares of CNPF.

Arran Investment Private Ltd is an affiliate of GIC Private Ltd, one of the world’s
largest fund management companies with Assets under Management of over
$100 billion.

First Metro Investment Corp President Roberto Juanchito Dispo said the deal
was a winner from the start.

“It had all the right ingredients for a successful IPO – a solid and viable business
model, top notch management, and strategic growth direction.”

“The award is really just icing on the cake as delighting customers with
consistently good products has always been Century’s strength,”” Eduardo
Francisco, President of BDO Capital & Investment, added.

For his part, Reggie Cariaso, BPI Capital’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “We are
very pleased to have helped support Century Pacific in their first foray into the
capital markets. We look forward to working on many future transactions with

BPI Capital, BDO Capital, and First Metro Investment Corporation served as joint
lead underwriters for the transaction.

The Asset’s Triple A Awards are Asia’s defining recognition for excellence in the
finance industry. The reputation has been built upon the stringent methodology,
combined with the rigorous approach in the selection of winners. The awards are
adjudicated by The Asset’s board of editors who collectively have several
decades’ worth of evaluating industry awards in Asia.

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Century Pacific Joins Global Sustainability Initiative

The Philippine’s largest canned food manufacturer, Century Pacific Food, Inc. (CNPF), has joined a global coalition to address tuna supply and sustainability challenges.

CNPF, through its wholly-owned subsidiary General Tuna Corporation, is the first Philippine company to join the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) which advocates improved fishery management, research and development, and responsible fishing practices.

“We support initiatives to ensure the conservation of our seafood resources and will work closely with the ISSF to ensure the sustainability of tuna supply and the protection of its ecosystem.” Century Pacific Vice President Teddy Kho said.

CNPF has an 88% market share of canned tuna products in the Philippines, with leading brands Century Tuna, 555, Blue Bay, and Fresca. It is also one of the largest providers of private label tuna products to food manufacturers globally.

The company successfully completed an audit demonstrating its compliance with ISSF conservation measures. These include restrictions on purchases from illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing, and credible tracing of tuna from capture to plate. Georgia All member companies are subject to ongoing inspection to ensure continued compliance.

ISSF started in 2009 and is comprised of leading scientists, the tuna industry, and the World Wildlife Fund. The group promotes science-based initiatives for the long-term conservation and sustainable use of tuna stocks, reduction of by-catch, and promotion of ecosystem health.

Today, ISSF industry partners comprise nearly 75% of the world’s canned tuna processing capacity and include leading global brands such as Bumbleebee, Starkist, and Chicken of the Sea.

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Century Pacific debuts on the Philippine Stock Market

Century Pacific Food Inc. debuted in the local stock market last May 6, listing under the trading symbol CNPF. Investors cheered the entry of a Philippine growth and consumer company, with CNPF shares rising to Php15.50 on opening belland closing at Php15.20 for its first day of trading.

“I’m happy to see CNPF trade at these levels. Investors are hungry for good stocks and this food company is giving nourishment,” said veteran fund manager Gus Cosio, president of First Metro Asset Management Inc.

The second company to tap the equity market this year via an Initial Public Offering (IPO), CNPF raised Php3.16 billion in fresh capital from the sale of 230 million shares at Php13.75 apiece. 20 percent of the new common shares was distributed through brokers of the Philippine Stock Exchange, while 10 percent was directly distributed to local small investors. The remaining 70 percent was allocated to qualified institutional buyers and the general public through Joint Lead Underwriters BDO Capital and Investment Corporation, First Metro Investment Corporation, and BPI Capital Corporation. The IPO was oversubscribed by 3.5 times the base offering.

Proceeds raised will be used to support capital expenditures, boost working capital, pay short-term obligations, and finance possible acquisitions.

The Company expects to improve net margins through the completion of a new tin can facility by the end of this year. The tin can factory in General Santos is meant to reduce packaging costs and prepare for further growth. ask magazine In its offering circular, the Company also noted its strong track record of expanding product lines through successful acquisitions of undervalued local brands. CNPF remains open to similar opportunities, including entering into new segments like the local distribution of branded coconut water.

As a result of the IPO, CNPF’s main stockholder structure will be as follows: 89.7 percent parent company Century Canning Corporation and 10.3 percent the public.

CNPF was the result of a corporate reorganization implemented to rationalize as well as maximize the Century Group of Companies’ organizational strengths, dividing business operations into four main business segments – canned and processed fish, canned meat, dairy and mixes, and tuna export.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star

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Century Tuna Superbods 2014 celebrates transformations

This year’s hottest summer event presents stunning transformations,
especially of Century Tuna’s newest endorser, John Lloyd Cruz.

The Century Tuna Superbods is back, and it’s bigger, sexier and hotter than ever! With top actor John Lloyd Cruz joining Anne Curtis as the brand’s newest endorser, Century Tuna celebrates transformations towards a healthier, sexier body.

Happening this April 25 to 27, the Century Tuna Superbods SuperChallenge once again gathers celebrities and beach lovers in the country’s ultimate summer destination, Boracay.

This year, the event takes an intriguing twist as John Lloyd is tapped to inspire loyal customers of Century Tuna to join the Superbods SuperChallenge. For six weeks, the matinee idol will undergo the Superbods Diet and Workout Plan designed by top nutritionist Nadine Tengco and fitness trainer Coach Jim Saret. The Superbods Diet and Workout Plan are accessible to the public through the My Road to Superbods website (http://www.centurytuna.ph/superbodschallenge).

The twists truly make the Century Tuna Superbods even more exciting this year, as envisioned by Greg Banzon, General Manager of Century Pacific Food Inc.: “We all know that Century Tuna Superbods is one of the most awaited summer events in the country and this year, we did our best to offer something new. By presenting John Lloyd Cruz as a Superbod, we want to inspire our loyal customers to take their own journey towards health and fitness.”  

“I’m very thankful that Century Tuna chose me for this challenge. It’s inspiring because when I turned 30, my wish for myself is to be healthy. With this challenge, I am really trying to achieve a 360-degree turn in my lifestyle,” says John Lloyd.

The transformation, he explains, will provide him greater room for experimentation when accepting roles: “My body is my tool as an actor, and the roles I take are affected by how I look, including my physique. When I become a Superbod, it’s exciting to think of the roles and scenes that I can do.”

Meanwhile, her co-endorser, Anne shares, “It’s always a pleasure to represent a product that you truly believe in that’s why I’m very happy and grateful to be chosen as Century Tuna’s endorser again. I also feel very honored to be given the opportunity to bring the message of health and fitness to more people through Century Tuna.”

Aside from John Lloyd and Anne, members of the Boys Night Out DJs Slick Rick, Tony Toni, and Sam YG were launched as this year’s celebrity challengers who will undergo the six-week challenge found in the website, which features a daily workout program and a systematized meal plan featuring the original healthy meat, Century Tuna Flakes in Oil. Century Tuna contains Omega 3, which helps burn body fat, shrink abdominal fat cells and stop certain genes that trigger inflammation on belly fat, in addition to promoting a healthy heart.

After the challenge, the BNO DJs, together with John Lloyd and Anne Curtis, will head off to Boracay for all the fun activities leading to the finals of the Century Tuna Superbods SuperChallenge 2014, a competition for males and females between 18 to 35 years old with a healthy body and passion for an active lifestyle.

Now on its fifth season, the Century Tuna Superbods will hold go-sees in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao! Interested parties should visit SM City Davao Annex Activity Center on March 2; SM City Iloilo Activity Center on March 9; and SM Mall of Asia Music Hall on March 16.

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