KDO Stick 3-in-1 coffee gives you delicious coffee taste and pure coffee aroma with creamer and sugar. Each stick is carefully blended to bring you a good cup of coffee every time. Enjoy it anytime, anywhere. KDO stick - so rich, so creamy! Aroma pa lang, masarap na! Also available in Sugar-Free.

Kaffe De Oro 3-in-1 Stick
So rich, so creamy!

The only 3-in-1 coffee in sleek and handy packs. Perfect for people on the go!
 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Kaffe De Oro 3-in-1 Regular (x12IB) 18g18gx12x24
 Kaffe De Oro 3-in-1 Regular (x36PB) 18g18gx36x8
 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Kaffe De Oro 3-in-1 Sugarfee (x12IB) 6.6g6.6gx12x24
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