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Century Pacific Food, Inc is listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange’s (PSE)
main board with the stock symbol CNPF.

Ms. Giovanna Vera
Corporate Planning & Investor Relations
+ (632) 633 8555

Centerpoint Building
Julia Vargas Ave.
Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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Investment Highlights

  1. Dominant market leadership in the canned food business
  2. The Company is the largest producer of canned food in the Philippines. Its brands have market-leading positions within each of their respective segments. Several have a long heritage and are well-recognized and trusted in the Philippines.

    The Company continues to enhance brand recognition among consumers by consistently maintaining high product quality, as well as through targeted marketing and promotional campaigns.It believes that the established reputations of its brands provide a strong platform to maintain and grow market shares through new products and product line extensions.

  3. Well positioned to take advantage of rising consumer demand
  4. The Philippine economy is largely driven by domestic private consumption.

    Healthy consumer demand will to continue to anchor the growth of the Philippine canned food industry with Seafood and Meat segments accounting for 70% of the industry.According to Euromonitor, the Philippine canned/preserved food industry is the largest market compared to the other Southeast Asian nations. It has experienced strong growth in recent years and has significant growth potential for the future. Canned/preserved food is popular among consumers because of its affordability and its ability to be readily served as meals.

  5. Multiple brands and products catering to all consumers
  6. Within each product segment, the Company offers a wide portfolio of brands and products to meet a diverse range of consumer tastes, preferences, and price points allowing for a comprehensive coverage of the Filipino consumer market.

    The Company’s diverse product portfolio also provides marketing and product synergies. Recipes and formulations achieved through internal research and development are shared across product segments. In addition, international best practices implemented in the tuna export segment are implemented across the Company’s various production lines, improving production processes and enhancing product quality.

  7. Ability to develop the market through innovation
  8. The Company has demonstrated strong innovative capabilities as shown by its consistent track record of launching new products to address changing consumer needs and preferences and its strong ability to bring products to market using original marketing strategies.

    For example, in the dairy segment, the Company has successfully introduced two-in-one products such as Angel Kremdensada (a combination of all-purpose cream and condensed milk) and Angel KremQueso (a combination of all-purpose cream and cheese) to provide convenient and cost-effective options for consumers.

  9. Extensive market penetration and distribution network
  10. The Company operates and manages one of the most extensive distribution networks across the Philippines. Its multi-channel distribution network and strong relationships with customers allows it to maximize customer reach.

    The Company’s extensive distribution network is also supported by its strategically located production facilities. The Company’s tuna processing facility located in General Santos isgeographically adjacent to two large tuna fishing grounds. One of the Company’s sardine processing facilities is located in Zamboanga, the center of the Philippine sardine industry. The proximity to the source of supply ensures the availability of fresh fish, a critical element in maintaining a high quality product and lowering the Company’s logistics costs. Its meat and milk plant, located in Laguna and Taguig respectively, are also strategically close to major markets, reducing the cost of transporting products to customers.

  11. Trusted partner for customers around the world
  12. The Company has developed a reputation in the international food manufacturing community as a reliable and trusted partner. It believes that supplying leading global food manufacturers in some of the most stringently regulated markets represents an endorsement of the Company’s product quality.

    The Company is the Philippines' leading exporter of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tuna and coconut products. In 2016, its tuna OEM market share stood at 35% according to data from the Bureau of Customs.

  13. Experienced and dedicated management team
  14. The Company is led by an experienced and dedicated management team with a proven track record of success. Members of the senior management team have an average of over 25 years of industry experience, including experience working in large, multinational corporations in the food industry.

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