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Canned tuna, canned sardine, and other seafood-based products that captivate the Filipino consumer with their high quality, health, convenience, and affordability

Manufacturing Facility: General Santos & Zamboanga City, Southern Mindanao

Corned beef, luncheon meat, and Vienna sausage with numerous variants and pack sizes to cater to varying customer tastes and price points


Manufacturing Facility: Laguna,  Calabarzon

Condensed milk, evaporated milk, and all-purpose cream that are basic household necessities. On-going product innovation in powdered drinking milk


Manufacturing Facility: Taguig, Manila


Manufactures tuna products for many of the leading retail tuna brands around the world


Manufacturing Facility: General Santos, Southern Mindanao

Integrated coconut producer of high value, organic-certified and conventional coconut products for both export and domestic markets

Manufacturing Facility: General Santos, Southern Mindanao


5 Reasons to Invest in CNPF

  1. We have dominant market leadership in the shelf-stable, canned food market in the Philippines

    • CNPF dominates the canned tuna and canned meat categories locally, which are in turn the largest subcategories of canned food in the Philippines.
    • Canned food, especially those with more affordable prices, is a staple in Philippine households. These are convenient food items because no refrigeration is required and they are either ready-to-eat or need very little preparation.
    • Within this space, Century Pacific’s brands are the brands of choice for the Filipino consumer. Its established reputation provides a strong platform to grow categories and expand market shares through new products and line extensions.

  2. We have multiple brands and products catering to all customers

    • The Company maintains a broad portfolio of products, brands, variants, and pack sizes that cater to all preferences and price points. This enables it to capture a larger share of consumers’ stomach and wallet.
    • Varying price points also allow CNPF to reach both price-conscious consumers as well as the upper-income markets that seek more premium options.
    • This expanding product portfolio also provides diversification benefits against concentration risk and input price exposures.

  3. We have a strong focus and an established process for marketing and product innovation

    • CNPF has demonstrated strong innovative capabilities with an established track record of introducing products that address different needs. Such innovations not only ensure a robust pipeline of new and exciting products that engage the market, but also help address cost concerns when input prices go up.
    • It is the Company’s strong research and development capabilities which enable a steady stream of product launches and help improve profitability.
    • Through outstanding marketing campaigns, the Company is able to create with these products must-have and aspirational brands.

  4. We have extensive market penetration and distribution in the Philippines, while growing our infrastructure for abroad

    •  The Company operates and manages one of the most extensive distribution networks across the Philippines.
    • Its exposure to multiple channels and long-standing strong relationships with various customers allow it to maximize and optimize consumer reach.
    • This sales network is also supported by strategically located production facilities that are situated close to the sources of main raw materials.
    • Globally, CNPF has begun investing in a worldwide sales and distribution infrastructure that will also allow it to reach customers from all over the world.

  5. Finally, we are a trusted partner for leading international customers

    • CNPF has long-standing relationships with large international food manufacturers, initially just for tuna, but now for various coconut products as well.
    • The Company has developed a world-renowned reputation in the global community as reliable, consistent, and of high quality.
    • Its customers include market leaders and international food companies in some of the most strictly regulated markets, a testament to CNPF’s stringent product quality and supply reliability processes.


Strategic Priorities

Solidify market dominance in key categories

Actively pursue growth opportunities in emerging business units   

  • Drive up per capita consumption of core products
  • Leverage on emerging consumer trends of: (1) wellness, (2) convenience and (3) affordable premiumization
  • Continuously innovate product portfolio
  • Build niche segments for strong challenger dairy brands
  • Expand coconut product portfolio and customer base
  • Enhance relationship with foodservice institutional clients

Establish stronger presence in international markets

Improve sales and operational productivity

  • Pursue foreign markets with sizable overseas Filipino presence
  • Gain traction in mainstream international markets
  • Expand product offerings, especially in newer markets (e.g. China)


  • Increase depth and quality of local coverage
  • Focus on sales productivity and product margin improvement
  • Invest in high IRR CapEx projects

Explore new product categories

  • Actively search for undervalued brands and/or products with overlapping distribution
  • Build on marketing capabilities and synergies with existing categories



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