Angel Evaporada

Iba na ang Angel! It’s now new & improved – a creamier Angel touch you can add to your favorite dishes!

It’s creamier for sweets. Make your staple halo-halo desserts even more delightful with every bite.

It’s creamier for sauces. Your spaghetti and other pasta dishes now get a special scrumptious boost.

It’s creamier for soups. Each steaming bowl of macaroni soup becomes more delectable and comforting.

It’s creamier for other savory dishes. From creamy beef strips to chopsuey, even kids would find meals worth looking forward to!

The new & improved creamier Angel Evap. Newness. Creaminess. Ever!

Angelica Panganiban for Angel Evaporada

A new & improved Angel Evap deserves a a new & different Angel – actress Angelica Panganiban!

Her onscreen image is nothing like what she really is off-cam. The sultry TV kontrabida is actually a homebody, and a fantastic cook! Little do most people know, Angel’s a Culinary Arts graduate and an avid kitchen enthusiast, regularly preparing delicious creations for her actor-boyfriend Derek Ramsay.

“Derek loves Thai food,” Angel shares. “So this one time, I took a can of Angel Evap at ginawan ko siya ng Tom Yum Soup from scratch. Tinanong ba naman niya kung saan ako nag-takeout!”

That’s why she always keeps Angel Evap on hand. “Mas lalo pa ngayon, it’s new & improved creamier, nagiging special talaga lahat ng ihanda ko!” she raves. The new Angel Evap is now creamier for sweets, sauces, soups and other savory dishes. It’s now suitable for everything from appetizers to desserts!

As Angel’s acting career soars, her love for cooking reaches new heights as well – that’s why she’s perfect as Angel Evap’s new Angel.

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