Your favourite Vienna Sausage now made healthy by Century

The country’s No. 1 tuna continues to raise the bar in food innovation as it now combines the meaty, yummy taste of your favorite Vienna sausage with the delicious, healthy goodness of tuna.

Century Tuna introduces Century Tuna Vienna Sausage and Century Tuna Vienna Sausage & Beans – two new exciting additions to its growing product portfolio that aim to give customers a healthier yet tastier version of their favorite Vienna sausage.

Century Tuna Vienna Sausage has 14 pieces of delicious and firmer sausages made with real tuna to satisfy your craving while staying guilt-free. Because it is made by Century, this new Vienna sausage packs Omega 3 DHA to boost brain power, promote a healthy body and a stronger heart. It has 0 grams transfat to help you stay fit and healthy.

Century has also come up with a sausage and beans variant made high-quality tuna. Century Tuna Vienna Sausage & Beans contains healthy navy beans in delicious tomato sauce with seven pieces of healthy and firm Century Tuna Vienna Sausage. With Omega 3 and 0 grams transfat, this tuna sausage and beans combo is your best bet in high-quality taste and healthy goodness.

Century Tuna Vienna Sausage and Century Tuna Vienna Sausage & Beans both offer a healthy alternative to our usual morning meal staples like hotdogs, sausages and pancakes. These new tuna variants are easy-to-prepare, tasty and very filling, and can be prepared and eaten in so many ways! Whether it’s Vienna-silog, Pan de Vienna, or Vienna Omelet, make breakfast healthier everyday with Century Tuna Vienna Sausage and Vienna Sausage & Beans.

To represent this new food innovation, Century has once again tapped top young actor and health buff Gerald Anderson, who’s a self-confessed Vienna sausage lover.

Even with a packed showbiz schedule, Gerald makes sure he stays fit and healthy by eating and exercising right. He’s happy that his favorite Century Tuna has come out with a tuna variant of his favorite breakfast staple, Vienna sausage.

“Century Tuna Vienna Sausage is definitely perfect for busy people like me who want to maintain a fit and healthy body, but also enjoy eating their favorite foods. What I love about Vienna sausage is its meaty texture, so I’m glad Century has come up with a tuna variant that has the same meaty goodness yet nutritious enough for health-conscious people like me,” said Gerald.

“The best part? Century Tuna Vienna Sausage contains more sausages in a can, so it’s not ‘bitin’ and you can enjoy and satisfy your craving while staying healthy,” he adds.

Join Gerald and welcome Tuna in your Vienna! Enjoy Vienna Sausage and Vienna Sausage & Beans – pina-healthy with tuna, pina-yummy ng Century!

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