New Delicious Look for 555 Tuna

A delicious and filling meal is one of the pleasures that today’s workers reward themselves with. After long hours of toil, they look forward to enjoying food that satisfies their diverse tastes. Making it easier for hungry workers and active individuals to easily spot their favorite flavors, 555 Tuna presents its new and improved labels.

“These new colors make it easier to find the malaman na tuna, malaman sa protinang 555 Tuna flavor that matches one’s appetite and craving—the blue labels are perfect for their lutong-bahay longings, green labels are for healthier choices, and the orange labels are for the all-time classics of the ‘malaman na tuna’ eating experience,” shares Amor Macapagal, group product manager of 555 Tuna.

Fans of home-cooked meals can reach for the blue-colored 555 Tuna cans containing lutong-bahay variants Adobo, Afritada, Caldereta and Mechado. Those looking for healthier varieties that don’t scrimp on taste can go for 555 Tuna with green labels to enjoy Barbeque, Bicol Express, Laing, Lechon Paksiw and Sisig flavors.

Craving classic 555 Tuna? The orange labels easily let you know you’re getting Tuna Flakes in Oil, Tuna Hot & Spicy and Tuna Sweet & Spicy.

Aside from its wide array of flavors to choose from, 555 Tuna is also well-loved for its ‘malaman na tuna, malaman sa protina’ goodness that can contribute to a leaner, stronger and healthier body.

A can of 555 Tuna can offer as much as 21 grams of protein, or up to 32 percent of the recommended energy and nutrient intake for Filipinos necessary for stronger muscles and enhanced immunity. 555 Tuna also provides essential omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin A for healthier cardiovascular system and eyesight.

With 555 Tuna’s new color-coded labels, choosing the healthy and mouthwatering variant to satisfy every craving and preference becomes an easier and more convenient affair.

555 Tuna is a quality product of Century Canning Corporation and is available in leading grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience store nationwide.

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