Argentina Andale: the New Hotdog Craze

Century Pacific Group, makers of Argentina, the number one canned meat brand in the country, has once again taken the market by storm by introducing Argentina Andale Hotdog. Argentina Andale, in delicious Classic and Cheesedog variants, aims to redefine perceptions about the favorite food staple by combining exceptional taste with remarkable nutritious benefits.

Argentina Andale Hotdog is high in protein, and enriched with a unique formulation called ABC, or Active Brain-building Choline. Choline, which has been called the “brain’s memory architect”, is a vitamin-based nutrient that has gained prominence among medical practitioners and researchers. Studies have shown that Choline helps improve the cellular structure and communication pathways of the brain’s neurons. When activated by the metabolic properties of protein, Choline ultimately leads to increased mental alertness.

“Argentina Andale is formulated with the highest level of Choline in the market,” stated Jeannie Cui-Abejo, Assistant Vice President for Marketing. “Apart from this, Argentina Andale Hotdog is already fully cooked, which prolongs shelf-life and reduces preparation time” she added.

To make it more exciting for the consumers, the makers of Argentina Andale Hotdog is now offering an in-pack promo – Free hotdogs of up to 8 pieces will be given for every 1kg pack, adding further value which translates to consumer savings of as much as 20% versus the leading hotdog brand. “This is our way of saying thank you to all those who have discovered that a delicious, convenient, and nutritious snack is now as easy as ABC!” Jeannie concluded.

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