Century Canning Corporation is Marketing Company of the Year

President and CEO, Chris Po, Chairman and Founder Ricardo S. Po Sr., and CCC VP and General Manager Greg Banzon receive the Agora Award for Marketing Company of the Year.

Last September 28, 2011, industry leader Century Canning Corporation, the makers of the country’s No.1 tuna brand, Century Tuna, has been recognized as the Marketing Company of the Year at the recent 32nd Agora Awards held at the Manila Peninsula Hotel.

Century Canning Corporation has, over the years, created a brand that resonates freshness and health. Similarly, it has implemented equally fresh marketing concepts into its day-to-day operations, allowing the Filipino consumer to become as familiar with their products’ values as the people behind the brand themselves.

Such is a product of exemplary marketing — educating the market enough and enabling them to repeat the brand’s message. “Our most apparent innovation is the successful evolution of the Century Tuna brand as a brand that’s synonymous to a healthy lifestyle. We were able to achieve this with our Superbods events over the years.  The Century Tuna brand now stands for the one of the most obvious traits of being healthy – a sexy body.,” says Greg Banzon, VP and General Manager for Century Canning Corporation. We’ve also been successful in offering consumers the Century version of their most-consumed Pinoy seafood through Century Bangus. Early this year, we launched our Century Tuna Healthylicious Hotdog which succeeded in reconciling two seemingly conflicting consumer needs – a delicious hotdog and a healthy one,” he adds. The company has also successfully positioned 555 Tuna as the affordable and protein-rich meal for the working class, effectively catering to all socio-economic segments of the market. “Our core products are Century Tuna and 555 Tuna. They are currently our most saleable products. Our other innovations and new products offerings are also gaining the same traction as our core Tuna products.”

Century Canning Corporation abides by a simple marketing philosophy that has carried the brand to success over the years — offering a relevant, good quality product at the best value possible in a manner that is superior to the competition. “This is the cornerstone of any marketing program,” explains Banzon. “Everything else that follows such as distribution, advertising and promotions are just in support of delighting the consumer. As such, our product development efforts are always aligned with this philosophy. This is very much in line with the Vision of Century Canning Corporation of nourishing and delighting consumer everyday, everywhere. This we do whether we are using a premium brand such as Century Tuna or the lower priced offering such as 555, Fresca and Blue Bay tuna range.”

Watch this video to witness the success of Century Canning Corporation.

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