Century Pacific Group – RSPo Foundation, Inc. at Asociacion de Damas Filipinas, Inc.

CPG-RSPo Foundation, Inc. joined hands with CPG employees in reaching out to the children of Asociacion de Damas de Filipinas, Inc. (ADFI) in celebration of Mother’s Day on May 7.

Asociacion de Damas de Filipinas, Inc. is a child caring facility for abandoned, neglected, and orphaned young people categorized as Children in Need of Special Care, whose families and relatives or guardian cannot provide for their basic security and nurture needs. ADFI also runs a Daycare Center, which accommodates underprivileged children from nearby communities. It is one of the institutions that the CPG-RSPo Foundation, Inc. has partnered with in its mission to provide nourishment to the underprivileged, specially children.

Employees picked one child whom they acted as foster parent for the day. Together, foster parents and their adopted children for the day played games and went through the various fun and creative activities facilitated by Lyza Broqueza of the CPG-RSPo Foundation and Dianne Fernandez of Corporate HR.

Half of the foster parents assisted their respective partner children in making Mother’s Day greeting cards, while the other half kept their partner children engrossed in creatively designing their own bracelets. The children’s creativity surfaced in these activities, as they made use of their imagination and hands to craft beautiful cards and bracelets from art materials supplied to them. They did this with the help, guidance, and inspiration from their foster parents.

The program also included a special dance number prepared by the kids and a sumptuous lunch fare prepared by the ADFI staff using CPG products, which everyone enjoyed.

The day ended quickly, leaving behind memories of a wonderful way to celebrate Mother’s Day – spending time with less fortunate children and making us reflect that we are blessed for having all the things we need and for the privilege of sharing with those who have less.

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