Child Stars Choose Argentina Andale Hotdogs

Although network talents Zaijan Jaranilla, Xyriel Manabat, and Mutya Orquia have certainly earned the right to be called child stars, they are still children first and foremost. Therefore, like most kids their age, they love to eat hotdogs. Given the hectic shooting schedules of their top-rated telenovelas, keeping an abundant supply of hotdogs on hand is a great idea, whenever a quick and delicious snack is needed.

As such, it is highly fortunate that the terrific trio has recently been introduced to the goodness of Argentina Andale Hotdogs, packed with protein, and enriched with a unique formulation called ABC, or Active Brain-building Choline. This superior combination allows Zaijan, Xyriel, and Mutya to enjoy their favorite hotdog treat – in either Classic or Cheesedog variety – without having to sacrifice valuable health benefits.

Medical practitioners and researchers have been raving about Choline, a vitamin-based nutrient that has been called the “brain’s memory architect”. Clinical studies have shown that Choline improves the cellular structure and communication pathways of the brain’s neurons. When this is activated by the metabolic properties of protein, choline supports heightened mental alertness.  Apart from having the highest level of Choline in the market, Argentina Andale Hotdogs are fully cooked, thus prolonging shelf-life, and reducing preparation time.

Watch out for Zaijan, Xyriel, and Mutya in their upcoming Argentina Andale Hotdogs TV commercial. Shooting the commercial was truly as “Easy as A-B-C”, thanks to the remarkable talent and attentiveness of the young actors. Moreover, as their obvious delight and enthusiasm affirmed, Argentina Andale Hotdogs are now their new favorite snack.

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