‘Tis the season made sulit-sarap by Angel!

“2-in-1 sulit sarap, fruit salad so easy na,” sings rising star Leana Tabunar about Angel Kremdensada. And it’s true, even kids Leana’s age find making heavenly desserts super fun and simple!

Angel Kremdensada combines the goodness of cream and condensed milk in a single can, that’s why it’s more convenient and notably cheaper than buying both separately. And the taste’s nothing short of delightful, too! It’s loved by kids and moms alike, making it one sweet way to bring delicious Christmas cheer into every Filipino household.

Angel Kremdensada is also giving away an iPad 2 this holiday just to spread more sulit-sarap love! Just click Like on Angel Milk’s fan page, then urge your kids to join the Angel Kremdensada Caroling contest! Have them perform the carol using Angel Kremdensada cans as instruments, and capture it on video! Make it creative – you never know, an Angel just might bring you a new gadget this Yuletide season!

Have yourself a sulit-sarap Christmas, celebrate with Angel Kremdensada!

Watch the instructional video below

Watch the sample video below

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