What does it mean to live a healthy life? Many people would say that living a healthy life is definitely about looking lean and thin without the excess baggage. Some believe that being healthy is about spending hours in the gym to build up their strength and stamina. Other people would argue that being healthy is not only about losing the extra pounds, but more importantly, it is about feeding the body with the right kind of food. One way or another, all things would end up on one simple truth – to live a healthy life is to be loyal.

Derek Ramsay, one of the sexiest and sought-out male celebrities in the country today, would definitely attest to the last statement. As the image model of Century Tuna, Derek holistically personifies the advocacy for health and wellness. Surprisingly, Derek has always been a loyal consumer of Century Tuna even before he became its official endorser in 2009. It is then no wonder that Derek constantly does a good job being the public face and figure of a brand that he truly believes in.

With the start of the new year, Derek returns once more with his current fixations: the Tuna Flakes in Oil and the Century Corned Tuna. With his new multimedia campaign, he emphasizes the many good qualities of these two variants. The Tuna Flakes in Oil variant is filled with bigger flakes that bring the original taste of tuna; while the Century Corned Tuna variant is jam-packed with healthy tuna with less oil for a more pleasurable experience.

Not only are these products filled with appetizing goodness, but moreover, they are naturally rich in Omega 3 DHA – a true concept of fitness and health. With these qualities stored inside the Century Tuna variants, it is not surprising that Derek receives all the essential nutrients his body needs for his sports and active lifestyle.

So, going back to the question of what it means to live a healthy life, the answer is quite simple – being loyal to the things that make you a healthy person. As what Derek Ramsay says in the new Century Tuna commercial, “I’ve always been loyal to Century Tuna. Kita sa katawan, ‘di ba (you can see from my body, right)?” Indeed, it pays to be loyal to the country’s number 1 tuna.

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