This year, CPG earns the validation that its brands have clearly gained the consumers seal of approval.  On May 31, CPG brands Century Tuna and Argentina Corned Beef bagged the Platinum and Gold Trusted Brands awards, respectively.  These coveted awards won by Century Tuna and Argentina Corned Beef are a clear testament that CPG is indeed fulfilling its promise to nourish and delight everyone, everyday, everywhere.

Since 1999, Reader’s Digest Asia conducts the Trusted Brands Survey – The Ultimate Seal of Consumer Approval.  This survey seeks to identify which brands consumers in Asia trust and provides an objective and reliable reference for consumers throughout the Asian region.  Those who participated on the survey include Reader’s Digest subscribers and randomly selected consumers.

The ratings given by the respondents are based on the six qualitative criteria set by the Reader’s Digest Awards which are: Trustworthiness & Credibility, Quality, Value, Understanding of Customer Needs, Innovation, and Social Responsibility.  In order to win an Asia-wide Trusted Brand award, the brand must win a Trusted Brand award in at least 3 of the 8 markets surveyed.

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