555 Tuna and Robin Padilla pay tribute to today’s Katawang Palaban  

For action superstar Robin Padilla, compliments, awards and other forms of recognition are no longer new. Used to receiving accolades, he never lets those praises get to his head. In fact, he always takes time to pay it forward and give back to others.

In 555 Tuna’s “Katawang Palaban” campaign, Robin Padilla pays tribute to Filipino workers whose jobs require strength and endurance. They are workers who we meet and encounter everyday in the streets, in our workplace and even in our homes. And yet, we might not be giving them enough credit for all their hard work.

“Saludo talaga ako sa kanila dahil alam kong hindi madali ‘yong ginagawa nila. Nakakataba ng pusong malaman na may mabubuting taong katulad nila sa ating lipunan. Kaya naman para sa’kin, dapat lang talaga silang bigyang-parangal (I salute them because I know that what they are doing is not at all easy. It’s really heartwarming to know that there are kindhearted people like them among us. That’s why for me, they really deserve to be recognized.),” said Robin Padilla.

555 Tuna officials also share Robin’s sentiments and joins him in giving these workers due recognition to assure them that all their effort don’t go unnoticed. “It has always been a humbling experience to appreciate and give back to others. That’s why we’re really happy with this search, which was actually inspired by Robin’s desire to pay tribute to Filipino workers,” said Century Canning Corp. VP and general manager Greg Banzon.

In the award-giving program that 555 Tuna is doing for the first time, five outstanding Pinoy workers also known as “Palaban 5” were selected because they exhibit the following qualities as they go about their daily duties: exemplary value to their work, dedication to help or delight other people, care for their health, excellent work attitude, and strong responsibility to their respective families. Headlining the brand’s Palaban 5 are Lilia Miniano, Margarito Reyes, Juanita Dagumay, Adrian Karl Cobardo, and Joel Navarez.

First on the list is Lilia Miniano who started working as a factory worker more than 30 years ago but whose outstanding commitment to her work helped her move up to become assistant plant manager at Century Canning Corporation. Lilia’s exemplary dedication and loyalty to her work has made her a role model to co-workers and her mantra is to make sure her health isn’t compromised so that she doesn’t have to miss a day at work.

Ms. Lilia Miniano being awarded by Mr. Robin Padilla

For those who frequent the Cubao area, Palaban 5 Margarito Reyes, also known as Quezon City’s dancing traffic enforcer, is a constant source of delight as he dances his way to his daily traffic management duties. Although his job requires him to stay under the sun for about 10 hours everyday, Margarito’s smooth dance moves while directing vehicle traffic never fails to bring joy to people who watch him.

Dancing Traffic Enforcer, Margarito Reyes with Mr. Robin Padilla

The next Palaban 5 is Juanita Dagumay, a mother who has been a widow for 11 years and is now solely responsible for raising her nine children. This never fazes Juanita – she continues to overcome the daily challenges that come with being the family’s breadwinner, working as a feeding volunteer at the Philippine Christian Foundation Technical College and selling recyclable materials to earn extra income.

PCF Feeding Volunteer, Nanay Juanita Dagumay is honored by Mr. Robin Padilla

Another Palaban is teacher Adrian Karl Cobardo who started a project called “BangKarunungan,” where he, together with student volunteers, travels to various seaside communities to bring knowledge and education to children in far-off communities using a motorized bangka as a mobile learning center.

Bangkarunungan Founder, teacher Adrian Cobardo with Mr. Robin Padilla

Last but not the least is Joel Navarez, a taxi driver who is admired for his honesty. When one of his passengers left cash and important documents in his taxi, he didn’t think twice and immediately returned it to its rightful owner.

Honest Taxi Driver Joel Navarez with Mr. Robin Padilla

Helping Lilia, Margarito, Juanita, Adrian, and Joel best overcome the daily challenges of their work is 555 Tuna.  Apart from its delicious taste, it also has nutritional benefits such as Omega 3, protein and vitamin A, which help provide Pinoys with proper nourishment. It also has 14 variants including Filipino viands such as afritada, adobo, sisig, caldereta and laing.

All these make 555 Tuna a perfect partner for all hardworking Pinoys workers. And through its Katawang Palaban campaign, 555 Tuna hopes to bring out the best in them so that they may be able to pursue their dream of providing a better life for their families.

L-R: Patricia Gan 555 Tuna Assistant Product Manager, Macky Macapagal-Lim 555 Tuna Group Product Manager, Joel Navarez, Adrian Cobardo, Mr. Robin Padilla, Juanita Dagumay, Margarito Reyes, Lilia Miniano and Greg Banzon VP/GM for Century Canning Corporation

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