CPG-RSPo Foundation, Inc. Scaling Up in Reach and Impact


Nurturing Young Filipino Minds

         According to the Department of Education’s Nutritional Assessment report for SY 2011-2012, 15.79% or about 2 Million school children are underweight. It is evident that hunger and malnutrition among school-aged children are significant deterrents to school progress and good health.

         As a means of intervention, school feeding programs are being implemented in the different public schools across the nation to improve the nutritional status and school attendance of children as well as reduce the drop-out rate among them.

         The KAIN Po Feeding Program supported 18 schools covering more than 28,000 children since it started in March 2010. Among the schools supported are: M. Buyco Elementary School, Talisayan Elementary School, CITE Technical Institute, San Lorenzo Elementary School, City Gates Academy, Paref Westbridge School, Cambulaga Elementary School and Malagasang Elementary School.

         Throughout the duration of the Feeding program, the participating students were seen to increase their weight and attend their classes more regularly. Moreover, parent volunteers became more involved in community programs and more supportive of local government’s civic activities.

Building lives with Habitat

         Century Pacific Group has partnered with Habitat for Humanity Philippines with the goal to serve 400,000 meals in various Habitat communities in span of four years.

         The first community where the program is being implemented is in Calauan, Laguna where the families from Pasig riverbanks were relocated. To date, 10,000 meals have already been served to this community.

         Habitat for Humanity Philippines is advocating for shelter planning in every city and town in the country, addressing the housing needs per area. It is also promoting community-led change where families themselves take action in finding solutions to the social challenges in their locality.

1 Million and counting

         Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger is one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that the United Nations and its partner countries hopes to achieve by 2015.

         As one of the key players in the food industry, the Century Pacific Group deems it fitting to give back to the community by helping address two major issues in our society today – hunger and malnutrition.

         Through collaborations  with different Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Socio-Civic groups and Institutions, and Local Government Units (LGUs), CPG-RSPo Foundation, Inc. has achieved a remarkable increase in the number of children and communities it has reached.

         These new initiatives and achievements allow the CPG-RSPo Foundation to demonstrate its core purpose of ”Nourishing and Delighting Everyone, Everyday, Everywhere”.

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