Talagang Ganado ka sa Sarap ng Argentina Corned Beef!

With the new campaign of Argentina Corned Beef, mapapabilib ka!

This year, Argentina Corned Beef comes up with a new campaign which highlights the reasons why consumers love the product as discovered on the consumer research conducted for the brand last year. In their own language, Argentina Corned Beef’s patrons would say that it’s the “Sarap ng Kulay”, “Kitang-kita na Hibla” and “Juicy-ness” as what keeps them coming back for more of the product. This became the inspiration for the development of Argentina Corned Beef’s new campaign.

This year’s new campaign banks on the most loved attributes of Argentina Corned Beef’s consumers: color, juiciness, and texture. In addition, to make the new campaign more appealing, Argentina Corned Beef picked the Gawad Urian Award-winning actor, Coco Martin as its latest endorser. Viewers will be seeing him savoring Argentina Corned Beef in one mouthwatering shot after another. Each dreamlike shot and slow motion caress of Argentina Corned Beef will surely leave anyone craving for more. That’s why, Talagang Ganado ka sa sarap ng Argentina Corned Beef!

The campaign was brought to life through the Award-winning Director Stephen Ngo and the country’s premier food stylist Lydia Go. Under his directorial eye, Stephen Ngo transformed the storyboard into a beautiful cinematic treat: showing the appetite-whetting shots of the product interspersed with shots of Coco Martin taking each bite with gusto- everyone would surely want to eat Argentina Corned Beef upon seeing the newest TVC. With these, the Argentina Corned Beef campaign truly and clearly brings forth this year’s tagline, “Ganado ka!”

The campaign consists of TV commercial, on-ground “flash mob” activation, in-store merchandising, billboard, bus ads and Facebook content which all launched simultaneously last March 8. All materials carry the new tagline, “Ganado ka!”

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