Century Tuna Bicol Express Labels in Canada found “Tampered”

Contrary to the report, Century Canning Corporation assures that all its labels have the proper declaration of ingredients. These include the product in question, Century Tuna Bicol Express, the label for which clearly specifies “soy protein concentrate” as one of the ingredients. A quick check of the said product in any retail store in the Philippines will show that the label does indeed carry such declaration.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) alert was a result of Century Tuna Bicol Express product being exported to Canada by unauthorized Philippine traders who use tampered labels not approved or cleared with Century Canning Corporation. These traders purchase products from the local market, put sticker labels bearing French translations and then export them to Canada. Upon close investigation, the declaration of the soy protein concentrate was not included in the said stickers. Soy is a known source of protein commonly used in many food products like hotdogs, luncheon meats, some hams and others.

It is important to clarify, however, that only sixty (60) cans bore tampered labels, and that there have been no reported illnesses due to consumption of the said products.

Century Canning Corporation is very diligent in ensuring compliance to world class safety standards and acquires FDA and all other regulatory agency approval required in markets where it is formally present, including the USA, Japan and Canada through duly authorized distributors. Every can that reaches the consumer through legitimate means bears the Century quality that represents decades of manufacturing experience and market leadership.

Moreover, Century Canning Corporation will be taking immediate legal action in order to prevent label tampering from ever happening again in the future.

Greg Banzon

VP/GM, Century Canning Corporation

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