New Wow Happy Hotdog. Sarap-Siglang Pang-Adventure!

Happy Adventure in Every Bite

There’s no doubt about it. Hotdog remains a perennial favorite among kids. Why not, when every bite of this delectable treat brings them immeasurable delight and excitement.

Wow Happy Hotdog, the latest addition to the growing family of delightful WOW Fresh Processed Meat products, joins the highly competitive hotdog market with its own brand of delight. Packed with NutraSigla of protein and carbohydrates, a bite of this delicious hotdog can be a start of a happy and savory adventure.

WOW Happy Hotdog launched its new TV commercial featuring matinee idol, Coco Martin, the celebrity endorser of the WOW brand. The 30-second TVC uses a combination of 2D and 3D animation plus live.

It starts off with an animation: a mother is watering the plants in the garden after serving her kids breakfast when suddenly she hears boisterous laughter inside their house. She hurriedly opens the door, but she’s astonished to see that everything is in order: her kids are quietly eating their hotdogs. She closes the door and sticks her ear to it, ready to barge in when the sound comes back again. And come back it did. As soon as her son takes a bite at the hotdog, smileys (WOW Happy Hotdog brand icons) appear and magically transport them to their favorite carnival ride.

Unfortunately for mom, when she barges into the door, she finds everything in order again. Determined to find out what’s going on, she enters the house to investigate. She finds a hotdog and takes a bite at it. As soon as she sinks her teeth into it, she too gets her share of excitement as the smileys transport her and the kids to reality with no less than Coco Martin beside her.

Coco closes the TVC with the product tagline “Wow Happy Hotdog. Sarap-siglang pang-adventure.”

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