Birch Tree is a trusted brand that nourished and built strong and healthy children for many generations. Its high quality milk provide children with high levels of nutrients like calcium and zinc for them to perform well in their daily activities. Make Birch Tree the smart choice. It’s everybody’s milk!

Birch Tree Full Cream Milk Powder

Birch Tree Full Cream Milk is made from 100% pure cow’s milk with no added sugar. As such, kids can enjoy 100% of milk’s taste and creaminess, and get 100% of milk’s nutrients. Will you settle for anything less? Birch Tree, it’s everybody’s milk!

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Birch Tree Full Cream Powder (packs) 26g15x12x26g
 Birch Tree Full Cream Powder 80g72x80g
 Birch Tree Full Cream Powder 150g24x150g
 Birch Tree Full Cream Powder 300g24x300g
 Birch Tree Full Cream Powder 700g12x700g
 Birch Tree Full Cream Powder 1.8kg6x1.8kg
 Birch Tree Full Cream Powder 2.5kg6x2.5kg

Birch Tree Fortified

New Birch Tree Fortified is the only milk drink with FibroBoost, a unique combination of nutrients and Inulin Fiber that help the body absorb up to 18% more calcium! This leads to better growth and development of children, and comes at an affordable price. Bilib magpalaki, bilib sa sarap, bilib sa sulit!

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Birch Tree Fortified Milk Drink Powder 33g 8x22x33g
 Birch Tree Fortified Milk Drink Powder 300g24x300g
 Birch Tree Fortified Milk Drink Powder 700g12x700g
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