Century Quality products are CPFI's packaged seafoods that use farmed and cultured species. These cultured seafood products give our customers a healthy fish protein and reduce the load on wild-caught fish stocks. CPFI has recently launched the first of the Century Quality line of products - Century Bangus. These Omega-3 rich range of products guarantee farm-fresh, delicious and healthy Filipino-favorite bangs dishes.

Century Gourmet Bangus Fillet

In Vegetable oil, Spicy Spanish or Savory Tausi.

Bangus Belly Fillets seasoned, spiced and cooked to perfection.

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Century Gourmet Bangus Fillet Spanish Style 184g48x184g
 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Century Gourmet Bangus Fillet with Tausi 184g48x184g
 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Century Gourmet Bangus Fillet with Vegetable Oil 48x184g

Century Bangus Chunks

Thick and filling bangs chunks prepared Paksiw, Spanish Style or Tausi.

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Century Bnagus Chunks Paksiw 155g48x155g
 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Century Bangus Chunks Spanish Style 155g48x155g
 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Century Bangus Chunks with Tausi 155g48x155g

Century Bangus Sisig

A healthier, lighter alternative to our favorite sizzling sisig!

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Century Bangus Sisig 150g48x150g

Century Premium Boneless Bangus

Grown and farmed the Century Way in the state of the art fishing cages that brings fuller and meatier bangs like no other.

Bangus made only from the freshest waters of Sarangani Bay in General Santos.

Marinated in vinegar with the right amount of pepper and splashed with real garlic bits - the formula that makes our product a sure winner among our competitors.

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Century Boneless Bangus Belly, Unseasoned 420g24x420g
 Century Boneless Bangus Belly, Marinated 420g24x420g
 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Century Boneless Bangus, Marinated 1pc. 450g24x450g
 Century Boneless Bangus, Marinated 2pcs. 450g24x450g

Century Premium Boneless Bangus Tocino

The alternative to your favorite Filipino pork tocino made healthy by Century.

Made with real bangs back fillet chunks cured in special tocino marinade. Bangus that tastes like the real pork tocino you and your kids will enjoy.

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Century Boneless Bangus Tocino 450g24x450g

Century Pink Salmon

Century Pink Salmon is the highest source of Omega 3 which is good for your heart. This is also a good source of protein and calcium, low in cholesterol and absolutely no preservatives. Imported from Alaska, guaranteed premium quality.

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Century Pink Salmon 150g48x150g
Featured Product
Century Bangus is raised in the open seas of GenSan - making it clean tasting. That's the Century way! Century Bangus is rich in Omega 3 DHA and is available canned or frozen. Try the Century Bangus Fillet with Tausi!
Featured Recipe

The Filipino`s national dish in a fresh new light! Click here for innovative ways of enjoying your healthy, farm-fresh Century Bangus.


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