Century Pacific Food Inc.’s meat brands equate to good quality and affordability: Argentina Corned Beef, 555 Carne Norte, Argentina Meat Loaf, Argentina Beef Loaf, Shanghai Luncheon Meat, and Wow line of prepared meals. These brands have made CNPF the market leader in the canned meat category.

Century Pacific Food Inc.(CNPF) came at a time when prohibitively expensive canned goods filled the supermarket shelves. Local canned meat was sold at small 150-gram sizes. CNPF introduced Argentina Corned Beef: premium corned beef with longer strands, packed in 175-gram cans, sold at a very affordable price. This allowed CNPF to elevate the standard of local canned meat, and made it affordable to the average consumer as well. The growth of the Argentina brand was phenomenal, becoming number one in less than a year after its launch.

Century Pacific Food, Inc.(CNPF) brands are canned in highly automated facilities in LIIP, Mamplasan, Laguna, that ensure manufacturing efficiency and excellent product quality.


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Swift Premium Corned Beef is slow-cooked and cured to perfection that allows the beef flavors and juices to gradually seep into the sumptuous premium corned beef. #MmmTakesTime

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