The Century Culinary Circle was established in 1997, initially for the brand Century Tuna to build relationship with consumers and to promote extended usage of the product  via delicious, practical and healthy recipes.


The activities of the test kitchen included nationwide Village and Mall tours, and cooking classes for Homemakers, Kids and Teens.  Through the years, it has evolved adding more activities such as cooking competitions for homemakers, students and professional chefs, TV cooking shows and segments.


With the growth of CPFI, the Century Culinary Circle now also serves other business units and brands such as Argentina, Angel, 555, Wow and Century Premium Bangus and supports the CPFI Foodservice Sales through menu ideations for institutional clients.


Sharing a meal is a bond like no other, the togetherness and camaraderie is what makes every dining experience unique and there is nothing more special than the comforts of a home-cooked meal.  Let us share this passion  for home-cooked meals with our new set of delectable Argentina recipes that can be enjoyed by everyone from breakfast, to lunch, to dinner and even merienda.


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Little things matter.  What may appear to be a small step in the beginning can eventually grow to make a big difference.  Just like eating Century Tuna and Century Bangus.  Including it in your diet seems like a simple task but its benefits are definitely long-term.  Rich in Omega-3, it’s a great way towards a healthier body.  So take that first step.  Together with Century, start traveling on that road to wellness.


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Enjoy sardine recipes with a twist using 555 Sardines "Super Ulam Pinoy".  It  is rich in calcium for stronger bones, protein for muscle-building, lycopene for cancer prevention, iodine and vitamin D.  With the finest catch from the sea, packed and filled with select herbs and spices, it’s a definite must-try!


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Give your dishes the Angel touch!  It’s creamier for sweets.  Make your staple halo-halo desserts even more delightful with every bite.  It’s creamier for sauces.  Your spaghetti and other pasta dishes now get a special scrumptious boost.  It’s creamier for soups.  Each steaming bowl of macaroni soup becomes more delectable and comforting.  It’s creamier for other savory dishes.  From creamy beef strips to chopsuey, even kids would find meals worth looking forward to!  The new & improved creamier Angel Evap. Newness. Creaminess. Ever!


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