Yoshinoya serves Japan`s famous Beef Bowl known as Gyudon. This authentic, hundred year-old recipe was created by Eikichi Matsuda in a small town in Tokyo, Japan called Nihonbashi in 1899. It is now enjoyed worldwide, particularly in countries like North America, Singapore, Hongkong, Indonesia, Taiwan and China. In 2002, this Japan`s favorite was brought to Manila for the Filipinos to take pleasure. Visit us at any of our seven branches and try our variety of dishes that have a uniquely appetizing taste with value for money.  

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Menu Item Price (PhP)
Bento A(Tempura 3pcs)189
Bento A(Tempura 4pcs)209
Bento B (Tempura Mix)209
Bento C (Pork Tonkatsu)189
Bento D (Fried Chicken Karaage)189

Menu Item Price (PhP)
Fruit Tea Regular45
Fruit Tea Large49
Green Tea Regular45
Green Tea Large49
Bottled Water 500ml 35
Bottled Water Hope, 300ml 30
Bottled Water 300ml, Refresh30
Coke 1.5 Liters75
Coke in Can55
* Cucumber Lemonade, regular45
* Cucumber Lemonade, large49

Menu Item Price (PhP)
Beef Bowl Regular159
Beef Bowl Large 189
Beef Misono, regular 155
Beef Misono, Large 189
Yakiniku, Regular159
Beef Stew, Regular 155
Chicken Bowl Regular155
Chicken Bowl, Large 189
Beef Kido, 1 token 169
Chicken Kido,1 token 169
Beef Kido, 2 tokens189
Chicken Kido, 2 tokens189
Chicken Tempura120
Pork Bowl Katsudon159
Veggie Beef, Reg155
Veggie Beef Bowl Large189
Ebi Bowl 155

Menu Item Price (PhP)
Green Ice Cream50
Orange Ice Cream50
Coffee Jelly40

Menu Item Price (PhP)
Beef Only Regular135
Beef Soup Only15
Chicken Only135
Ebi Tempura Only45
Ebi Tempura, 3 pcs130
Ebi Tempura, 6 pcs255
Japanese Mayo15
Kikkoman Soy Sauce10
Red Ginger15
Rice Only35
Ramen Stock Only50
Teriyaki Sauce10
7 Spices10
Egg only 25
Veggie Only60

Menu Item Price (PhP)
Jumbo A(Beef/Chicken/Veggie)239
Jumbo B(Beef/B Yakiniku/Veggies)239
Jumbo C(Beef/Tempura/Veggies )249



Menu Item Price (PhP)
Beef Ramen199
Chicken Ramen199
Ebi Tempura Ramen199
Pork Chasu Ramen199
Sukiyaki 239

Side Dishes
Menu Item Price (PhP)
California Maki79
Ebi/ Kani Shumai79
Kani Salad79
Tempura Basket190
Miso Soup45

Menu Item Price (PhP)
Go Solo189
Go Share 595
Sukiyaki, good for 2359
Sukiyaki, good for 1319

Yoshinoya Branches
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