To nourish and delight


RSPS 2012

Reinforce 4 M's (Marine, Meat, Milk, Mixes) to their fullest potential.

Strengthen organization into a world-class, multi-skilled organization with a strong corporate culture

Performance! Performance! Performance!

Seek international opportunities to grow our branded business


Only a group that shares one mission, united by a common purpose, all pulling in the same direction, guided by Divine Providence can set in motion and realize the Mission of Century Pacific Food, Inc.
This team knows that our destiny will be a shared one. Success becomes attainable if we go together as a team.


Respect for the Individual
Passion Malasakit


The Tree of Life is a symbol of life and fertility. When nurtured, it grows tall and strong. Providing shade from the heat or shelter in a storm. The Tree also bears fruit that gives nourishment and prosperity.
The Core Values of Century Pacific Food, Inc. are symbolized by the Core Values Tree, each part represents a value that is integral to who we want to be, how we treat each other, and how we relate to all the company's stakeholders.

The leaves of the CPFI VMV Tree represent the Core Value of Respect for the Individual. Each leaf is unique and small relative to the whole and yet each one's contribution is welcome and integral to the big picture.

The roots at the bottom of the CPFI VMV Tree form the base by which the company is founded on. Together, they bear the weight of the whole tree with little difficulty. They represent the Core Value of Teamwork.

The topmost branch represents CPFI's Core Value of Passion for Excellence. It symbolizes the company's continuous effort to reach the highest corporate ideals and ambitions.

The branches that hold together the CPFI VMV Tree may be hidden by the leaves, but they are the sturdy structures that support the form of the whole. They represent the Core Value of Humility.

The trunk of the CPFI VMV Tree represents the Core Value of Unity. Members of the group are as one in its objectives and are as sturdy and firm in conviction as the solid body of the tree.

The shade that the CPFI VMV Tree provides a smaller sapling represents the Core value of Malasakit. Its branch extends outward to provide refuge to those in need, a symbol of compassion and sacrifice, and taking care of what's entrusted to each of us.

Our Community Work

The Century Pacific Food, Inc. is already very committed to various Corporate Social Responsibility programs, such as educational scholarships, poverty alleviation, and helping the less privileged.

Company Culture

We know that outstanding teams living by the values of Respect for Individual, Teamwork, Passion for Excellence, Humility, Unity and Malasakit make global competitiveness possible.

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