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May 12, 2020

Greg Banzon and Giovanna Vera weigh in on the impact of COVID-19 to the Philippine food and beverage industry as well as the consumer outlook moving forward

Screenshot of Greg Banzon and Giovanna Vera's interview on COL Conversations, which is available on COL Premium's Youtube page.

On this episode of COL Conversations, Ed Martinez speaks with Century Pacific Food, Inc.'s (CNPF) Greg Banzon (EVP-COO) and Giovanna Vera (AVP - Investor Relations), touching on CNPF’s priorities and commitments during this time of COVID-19. Amidst the enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila and other parts of the Philippines, CNPF continues to operate to ensure that our products are readily available for consumers. More than a business, this is a responsibility to our country and all of our stakeholders, especially those who trust and look to our products for support in this time of crisis. We commit to address the challenges brought about by the pandemic to assure that we are able to attend to the Filipinos' needs in a safe and responsible manner.

(SOURCE: COL Premium)

Watch the full interview on COL Premium's Youtube page

October 27, 2019

Christopher Po speaks about succession planning in the 2019 Family Business Conference

The Asean Business Advisory Council Philippines, Go Negosyo, and Singapore Management University invited leaders from various successful, family-run corporations to discuss the opportunities and challenges in growing a family business. Christopher Po, Executive Chairman of Century Pacific Food, Inc. (CNPF), sat alongside Michael Tan, President and COO of the Lucio Tan Group; Tennyson Chen, President & CEO of Bounty Fresh Food Inc.; and Hans Sy, Director of SM Prime Holdings.

The panel discussion focused on the hows of transferring the reins of ownership from the current generation to the next. The businessmen talked about the importance of transparency, values, and professionalism in pushing and sustaining a company as it moves forward.

Chris especially highlighted the significance of transmitting values to the succeeding generations, recalling how his father taught him and his siblings hard work, entrepreneurship, and excellence. These values, among others, continue to keep the company grounded as it tackles challenges in the ever-changing consumer industry.

(SOURCE: Inquirer)

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March 9, 2018

Inquirer releases a three-part series on the Po Family and Century Pacific

Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Queena Lee-Chua writes a three-part article series on the Po Family - focusing on the interconnectedness of their familial dynamics and their governance of Century Pacific Food, Inc. (CNPF), the Philippines’ largest canned food manufacturing company.

The first part of the series, entitled Winning, the Po way, explores the educational background and the non-traditional upbringing of different CNPF leaders in the family.

The second, From journalism to canning tuna, highlights the resilience of Ricardo S. Po, the founder and chairman of Century Pacific Group, and introduces the role of professionals who helped grow the company.

Po-fessional, the final installment, synthesizes the series by talking about how CNPF blends structure and professionalism with flexibility and empowerment giving professionals unconventional opportunities to grow and develop.

(SOURCE: Inquirer)

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February 1, 2018

Christopher Po guests on the Bloomberg TV series High Flyers

Screenshot of Christopher Po’s interview on High Flyers Season 6, Episode 6, which is available on the Bloomberg website.

In part six of her new series, Haslinda has a rare interview with Christopher Po, President and CEO of Century Pacific Food, Inc. (CNPF), the Philippines’ largest canned food manufacturing company.

On the episode, which originally aired on February 1, 2018, Chris talks about his father’s entrepreneurial journey, his own path towards leading the family business, and the perceived difficulties of stepping out of his father’s shadow. 

In the interview, he also shares what he thinks contributed to the success of CNPF, which started out as a private-label exporter of tuna products but is now a diversified manufacturer of shelf-stable food products with market leading brands, and how he plans to continue to push the business forward.

(SOURCE: Bloomberg)

Watch the full interview on Bloomberg’s website


November 22, 2017

Christopher Po shares his insights in the video series The Philippines growth dialogues

Screenshot of Christopher Po’s segment in the second installment of The Philippines growth dialogues, which is available on the McKinsey website.

The second installment of McKinsey and BusinessWorld’s collaborative series, The Philippines growth dialogues, features three renowned business leaders: Christopher Po, President and CEO of Century Pacific Food, Inc. (CNPF); Jose Miñana Jr, Head of Country Business Group (North America) at Jollibee Foods Corporation; and Anders Bärlund, a Partner in McKinsey’s Manila office.

These business leaders discuss trends about growth and digitization in the Philippine context. Chris discusses the acquisition of synergistic brands for growth, and improved consumer interaction in a digital world.

Nearing the end of the video, Chris provides personal insights on innovation as a driver for growth. He discusses how the different business divisions CNPF constantly strive to innovate, and how inspiration can be found anywhere in the corporate structure.

(SOURCE: McKinsey)

Watch the full video on McKinsey’s website


May 5, 2014

Ricardo S. Po’s success story is narrated in the article Tuna pioneer takes Century to the next level

Ricardo S. Po’s, the founder and chairman of Century Pacific Group, pivotal role in turning canned tuna into a Filipino staple is explored by Tina Arceo-Dumalao of the Philippine Daily Inquirer in her article, Tuna pioneer takes Century to the next level.

The article explores Po’s success story from its humble beginnings. Prior to entering the manufacturing industry, Po entered the field of journalism. After a few years he transitioned to the advertising field, which proved to be profitable up until the 1973 stock market crash.

From this crisis, Po was able to recover from his losses and enter into the manufacturing industry. From the establishment of Century Canning Corp. in 1978 to the present day, Po’s story is embellished with triumph and innovation in the face of numerous trials, which ultimately lead to Century Pacific Food, Inc.’s (CNPF) products finding a permanent place in Philippine households.

(SOURCE: Inquirer)

Read the full article on Inquirer’s website



Oxford Business Group interviews Christopher Po for The Report: The Philippines 2014

Christopher Po, President and CEO of Century Pacific Food, Inc. (CNPF), was interviewed by Oxford Business Group for their annual publication The Report: The Philippines 2014.

Chris starts his interview with a discussion on the importance of sustainability for the growing local fishing industry, tackling the regulatory measures needed to preserve marine ecosystems.

He also discusses the logistical concerns of an archipelagic country, particularly for businesses with raw materials located in rural areas.

Lastly, Chris explores the evolution of the Philippine economy and the behavior of local consumers in light of the trend of economic liberalization among ASEAN member states.

(SOURCE: Oxford Business Group)

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