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Swift is the latest addition to PMCI`s roster of excellent brands. The Swift brand originated from the USA over 150 years ago, and has been in the Philippines for over 35 years. Swift uses quality meat products, spices and manufacturing processes to ensure the best taste accepted internationally.
Swift Mighty Meaty Hotdog

Let’s get together with the delicious Swift Mighty Meaty Hotdog! Made from high quality meat and ingredients that’s sure to give you that meaty bite!

 Swift Mighty Meaty Hotdog Regular 500g
 Swift Mighty Meaty Hotdog Regular 1kg
 Swift Mighty Meaty Hotdog Jumbo 4.5” 1kg
 Swift Mighty Meaty Hotdog Super Jumbo 6” 1kg
 Swift Mighty Meaty Hotdog Cocktail 1kg
 Swift Mighty Meaty Cheesedog Regular 500g
 Swift Mighty Meaty Cheesedog Regular 1kg

Swift Sweet `N Juicy Hotdog

Treat yourself with Swift Sweet `N Juicy Hotdog! Made with choice ingredients that bring out the sweet and juicy goodness you can’t resist!

 Swift Sweet `N Juicy Hotdog Regular 450g
 Swift Sweet `N Juicy Hotdog Regular 1kg
 Swift Sweet `N Juicy Hotdog Jumbo 4.5” 1kg
 Swift Sweet `N Juicy Hotdog Cocktail 1kg
 Swift Sweet `N Juicy Cheesedog Regular 1kg

Swift Chicken Hotdog

Add some cheer to any meal with Swift Chicken Hotdog! Made from choice chicken and seasoned with special spices that enhance its natural chicken goodness

 Swift Chicken Hotdog Regular 1kg
 Swift Chicken Cheesedog Regular 1kg

Swift SAM Hotdog

Bite into the goodness of Swift SAM Hotdogs! Delicious smoked brown hotdogs made from choice beef seasoned with special spices!

 Swift SAM Hotdog Regular 1kg
 Swift SAM Hotdog Jumbo 1kg
 Swift SAM Cheesedog Jumbo 1kg

Swift Tenderlean All-Meat Frankfurters

Taste the delectably tender goodness of Swift Tenderlean All-Meat Frankfurters! Made from choice beef and packed with irresistibly smoky flavors!

 Swift Tenderlean All Meat Regular 500g
 Swift Tenderlean All Meat Cocktail 500g

Swift Cheesy Franks

Enjoy the cheesy goodness of Swift Cheesy Franks! Made from choice beef and perfectly seasoned to give you joy with every juicy & cheesy bite!

 Swift Cheesy Franks Regular 500g
 Swift Cheesy Franks Jumbo 500g

Swift German Franks

Enjoy the classic smoky goodness of Swift German Franks! Made from choice beef and seasoned with special spices.

 Swift German Franks Regular 470g

Swift Burger Patties

Meals are more fun with delicious Swift Burger Patties! Delectably seasoned with fresh onions and eggs for that fresh burger aroma.

 Swift Burger Patties 230g

Swift Crunchy Burger

Go crazy over delicious Swift Crunchy Burgers! Meaty patties marinated with eggs and aromatic onions and coated with crispy breadcrumbs for that crazy-good crunch!

 Swift Crunchy Burger 250g

Swift Chicken Nuggets

Enjoy delicious Swift Chicken Nuggets! Pan-fried chicken nuggets thinly coated with crumbs and seasoned to complement its irresistible chicken goodness!

 Swift Chicken Nuggets with Cheese sauce 200g
 Swift Chicken Nuggets with BBQ sauce 200g

Swift Square Hams

Enjoy delicious Swift Square Hams! Made from choice meat blended with special spices. Choose from Sweet Ham with its delectable sugar glaze and traditional Cooked Ham, moderately cured with a rich enticing smoky flavor.

 Swift Cooked Ham 250g
 Swift Sweet Ham 250g

Swift Delicious Bacon

Enjoy the juicy smoky taste of Swift Delicious Bacon. Thin slices of distinctly smoky bacon goodness!

 Swift Delicious Bacon 200g
 Swift Delicious Bacon 400g
 Swift Delicious Bacon Roll 250g
 Swift Delicious Bacon Roll 500g

Wow Fresh Processed Meat

Wow offers a wide range of value for money, quality Fresh Processed Meat products that are delicious, flavorful and has the right pinoy-blend of sweetness and saltiness that kids will surely love.

Wow is also fully cooked and ready-to-eat. Konting init lang, kain na! Simply microwave or pan fry for 2-3 minutes only. Convenient to serve for breakfast, snacks, lunch or dinner.

Kakaibang Pinoy-sarap sa presyong abot-kaya!

Wow Happy Hotdog

 WOW Happy Hotdog Classic Regular 250g24x250g
 WOW Happy Hotdog Classic Regular 1kg10x1kg
 WOW Happy Hotdog Classic Jumbo 1kg10x1kg

Wow Happy Cheesedog
 Wow Happy Cheesedog Regular 250g24x250g
 Wow Happy Cheesedog Regular 1kg 10x1kg
 Wow Happy Cheesedog Jumbo 1kg10x1kg
 Wow Happy Cheesedog Footlong 1kg10x1kg

 Wow Family Burger Classic 191g24x191g
 Wow Family Burger Cheese 191g24x191g
 Wow Busog Bologna 250g24x250g
 Wow Yummy Bite Size Chicken Nuggets 200g24x200g
 Wow Embutido Espesyal 250g24x250g
 Wow Skinless Longganisa 250g24x250g

Argentina Fresh Processed Meat

Known for its great-tasting, high-quality canned meat products, Argentina now extends its expertise to the fresh processed meat category.  Argentina offers the first FULLY COOKED frozen meat in the market -- just simply heat, and the products are ready-to-eat!  Each Argentina product is guaranteed to win the discriminating taste of children and adults alike.

 Argentina Deli Burger Classic 209g24x209g
 Argentina Deli Burger Cheese 209g24x209g
Featured Product

Let’s get together with the delicious Swift Mighty Meaty Hotdog! Made from high quality meat and ingredients that’s sure to give you that meaty bite!

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Featured Product

Enjoy the juicy smoky taste of Swift Delicious Bacon. Thin slices of distinctly smoky bacon goodness!

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