Our Framework

"We aspire to go beyond compliance and have incorporated sustainability as part of our purpose, vision, mission, and values. It is a fundamental examination of our identity, what motivates us, and how we can integrate ESG into our business. We will identify key risks and opportunities and begin reporting KPIs that will allow us to set targets and improve along various ESG dimensions. These are our first steps on our ESG journey. We are personally involved and are keen to learn how to make ours a more responsible CNPF, while at the same time meeting our ambitious business goals."


Executive Chairman


President & CEO

Our Sustainability Journey

To stir and kick-off this sustainability initiative, the top management issued a new vision, mission, and values statement which are anchored to sustainability. To further educate and broaden our understanding about our company and how sustainability can enhance it, we have conducted sustainability-related learning sessions and workshops with key departments that we identified as vital in steering and further cascading sustainability, in order to identify material topics based on their experience with the company’s operations and their insights in engaging with stakeholders. Afterwards, we mapped out the most suitable metrics to monitor the performance of the material topics, and then collected data for these metrics for analysis and reporting.
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