Sarap at Sustansya, Pinagsama Na!
Argentina, the number one brand in the canned meat market provides Filipino families with delicious and healthy products to enjoy. It has been in the market for 15 years now and continues to delight the entire family with products that fit their lifestyles - moms enjoy cooking Argentina Corned Beef, dads prefer Argentina Sisig for pulutan, kuya and ate love to share Argentina Beef Loaf with their barkada and the young ones are delighted with Argentina Meat Loaf. Argentina always satisfies the needs of the family.

Argentina Corned Chicken

The NEW Argentina Corned Chicken is the first and only corned chicken brand in the market that delivers the best combination of delicious, healthy yet filling for a satisfying and nourishing meal. It is made with chicken breast slowly cooked in its broth then seasoned with flavorful spices, and contains less cholesterol and less fat with no preservatives added. It comes in an easy open can making it more convenient for one to enjoy.

Argentina Corned Chicken is available in two flavors: regular and spicy.

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Argentina Corned Chicken 100g48 x 100g
 Argentina Corned Chicken 150g48 x 150g
 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Argentina Corned Chicken Spicy 100g48 x 100g
 Argentina Corned Chicken Spicy 150g48 x 150g

Argentina Corned Beef

Argentina Corned Beef is the No.1 corned beef brand that has the food qualities consumer most value –it is filling, deliciously flavorful, has meaty strands, is packed with protein and made with 100% pure beef. "Siguradong Busog ang Breakfast mo!"

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Argentina Corned Beef 100g 48x100g
 Argentina Corned Beef 150g48x150g
 Argentina Corned Beef 175g48x175g
 Argentina Corned Beef 260g48x260g
 Argentina Corned Beef 1.8kg6x1.8kg

Argentina Corned Beef Variants


 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Argentina Corned Beef Chunky 150g48x150g
 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Argentina Corned Beef Hot & Spicy 175g48x175g

Argentina Carne Norte
 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Argentina Carne Norte 100g48x100g
 Argentina Carne Norte 150g48x150g

Argentina Meat Loaf

The Philippines’ no. 1 meat loaf brand, Argentina Meat Loaf is made from quality meat that’s seasoned with the most flavorful yet kid-friendly spices. It also comes in Hot & Spicy, Tocino and Embutido flavors! Siksik-sarap meat loaf perfect for family meals or for baon! Lahat ng kids and adults, talagang busog-saya with Argentina Meat Loaf!    

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Argentina Meat Loaf 100g48x100g
 Argentina Meat Loaf 150g48x150g
 Argentina Meat Loaf 170g48x170g
 Argentina Meat Loaf 250g48x250g

Argentina Meat Loaf Variants
 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Argentina Meat Loaf Tocino Style 170g48x170g
 Argentina Meat Loaf Tocino Style 250g48x250g
 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Argentina Meat Loaf Hot & Spicy 170g48x170g
 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Argentina Meat Loaf Embutido Style 170g48x170g

Argentina Beef Loaf

Argentina Beef Loaf is the no. 1 beef loaf in the country. It’s siksik with quality meat and seasoned with select spices. Each slice, buong-buo! It also comes in the Hot and Spicy flavor, too! And because it is Halal-certified and adheres to the rules of the Islamic Council, every Filipino family from all regions will surely be busog-sarap with Argentina Beef Loaf!  

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Argentina Beef Loaf 100g48x100g
 Argentina Beef Loaf 150g48x150g
 Argentina Beef Loaf 170g48x170g
 Argentina Beef Loaf 250g48x250g

Argentina Beef Loaf Variants


 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Argentina Beef Loaf Hot & Spicy 150g48x150g

Argentina Chinese Luncheon Meat

Argentina Chinese-Style Pork Luncheon Meat is made from a blend of tender meats seasoned with salt and select spices. A sarap-Pinoy version of the classic Chinese-style luncheon meat! 

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Argentina Luncheon Meat 375g24x375g

Argentina Sausage
 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Argentina Vienna Sausage 260g48x260g
 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Argentina Fiesta Sausage 175g48x175g

Argentina Liver Spread
 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Argentina Liver Spread 260g48x260g
 Argentina Liver Spread 85g48x85g

Argentina Sisig
 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Argentina Sisig Spicy 150g48x150g
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