We are driven by our Core Purpose:



We are a sustainable and responsible global company of entrepreneurs that nourishes and delights our customers with, healthier food and beverages through manufacturing excellence, nutrition expertise, trusted brands and passionate people.


Reinforce current businesses and brands to deliver quality and value for money products that generate attractive returns through responsible sourcing and operational excellence  

Strengthen the organization that attracts, nurtures, and retains passionate and high performing corporate entrepreneurs and teams who live balanced lives

Pioneer the development of healthier and tastier food and beverages that consumers love and trust through latest credible nutrition science and effective branding

Scale up the business across the globe by creating consumer and customer connections and experiences in a more profitable and sustainable way across the value chain


Respect for the Individual
We accept that there will always be differences in opinions, perspective, and way of doing things. We find ways to arrive at the highest value that can be created out of issues and opportunities despite individual differences. We listen to everyone’s opinion but firm on the final team decision.

We work together under one vision and mission. We recognize strength of individuals and let the most qualified lead the team. We understand individual accountabilities, deliver on them, and do more as the situation calls for it.

Passion for Excellence
We continuously work across the value chain on excelling and optimizing our operations and costs to offer the best value for our customers, partners, and shareholders. We are relentless in overcoming challenges.

Customer Centric
We continuously pursue to understand consumer needs, anticipate market trends, and work towards delighting them through our products and experiences. We understand who benefits most from the goods / services we provide and continuously find ways to “wow” them. We are reliable, resilient, and responsible. We go the extra mile to provide more than the basic necessities of our customer and display a sense of urgency to service their priorities.

We respect each other and remain grounded even with exceptional intellectual achievements. We are open to ideas as brilliant ideas can come from anybody. We recognize the value of others far greater than oneself. We celebrate successes resulting from one’s hard work and not due to the failure of others. We graciously accept defeat or loss, keeping in mind that this is but a learning experience preparing us for greater achievements. We are able to admit and accept one’s mistakes.

All our decisions are guided through absolute integrity and conscience to protect our consumers, communities, partners, employees, and shareholders. We strive to do the right thing even when no one is watching. We adhere to moral uprightness, transparency, and trustworthiness. We walk the talk.

We strive to exceed expectations through personal accountability, selfless contribution, team work, and proactively collaborating with each other with concern, care, and compassion. We have the mindset of an owner and treat the business as one’s own. We help market our products, report relevant customer feedback, and direct display/stock concerns to the appropriate person. We patronize our products.

Entrepreneurial Spirit
We have grit and possess a growth mindset that enables us to think big, persist in overcoming any challenges, and achieve our vision through a bias for action. We are constantly open to opportunities for the Company to grow further and become more profitable. We continuously strive for effectiveness and efficiency that will drive sustainable and profitable growth. We find ways to do things more efficiently while adding more value to product output to create more business or cost savings to the company. We act on what is good for the company but not to the extent of violating policies. We cut off bureaucracy and always consider the “business side” when making decisions.

Our Community Work

The Century Pacific Food, Inc. is already very committed to various Corporate Social Responsibility programs, such as educational scholarships, poverty alleviation, and helping the less privileged.

Company Culture

We know that outstanding teams living by the values of Respect for Individual, Teamwork, Passion for Excellence, Humility, Unity and Malasakit make global competitiveness possible.

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