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Century Pacific Food, Inc is listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange’s (PSE) 
main board with the stock symbol CNPF.


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Canned tuna, canned sardine, and other seafood-based products that captivate the Filipino consumer with their high quality, health, convenience, and affordability


Manufacturing Facility:
General santos & Zamboanga City, Southern Mindanao

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Corned beef, luncheon meat, and Vienna sausage with numerous variants and pack sizes to cater to varying customer tastes and price points



Condensed milk, evaporated milk, and all-purpose cream that are basic household necessities. On-going product innovation in powdered drinking milk



Manufacturing Facility: Laguna,  Calabarzon

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Manufacturing Facility: Taguig, Manila

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Manufactures tuna products for many of the leading retail tuna brands around the world

Frozen Loins
Pouched Tuna
Fish Meal Bay

Integrated coconut producer of high value, organic-certified and conventional coconut products for both export and domestic markets

Desiccated Coconut
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Organic Coconut Flour
Agua Coco Coconut Water

Manufacturing Facility: General Santos, Southern Mindanao

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Manufacturing Facility: General Santos, Southern Mindanao

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5 Reasons to Invest in CNPF

  1. Our brands are the brands of choice for the diverse Philippine customer base

    • CNPF dominates the canned tuna and canned meat categories locally, which are in turn the largest subcategories of canned food in the Philippines.
    • Affordable canned goods are a culinary staple in Philippine households. Within this space, CNPF’s diverse brands are choice picks due to its reputation for quality and its broad portfolio of products, variants, and pack sizes that cater to the varying preferences, family sizes, and socioeconomic statuses of the Filipino consumer.
    • Its established reputation places it in hearts and homes around the country, providing a strong platform for the Company to grow categories and expand market shares through new products and line extensions.

  2. We possess a strong focus on product innovation, as well as the research and development behind it

    • CNPF has a well-established track record of introducing products that address different consumer needs that are discovered through market research and surveying various focus groups.
    • With the input of technical and food industry experts, product concepts are made into reality through the development of nutritious, delicious, and high-quality prototypes that are extensively tested prior to commercial production.
    • The Company’s strong research and development capabilities enable a steady stream of innovation that not only ensure a robust pipeline of new and exciting products that engage the market, but also help address cost concerns when input prices go up.

  3. Our ingenious marketing campaigns keep our brands iconic, memorable, and timeless

    • Ranging from ad-campaigns that employ well-loved celebrity endorsers to highly-anticipated promotional events such as Century Tuna Superbods, CNPF’s marketing strategies consistently captivate and engage consumers of all generations and lifestyles.
    • These marketing campaigns allow the Company to create must-have and aspirational brands with new and innovative products, while also enhancing brand recognition and loyalty to well-established products.
    • CNPF’s marketing strategies continually adapt by capitalizing on developing trends, such as the increase in health-consciousness among Filipino consumers, establishing its products as a constant essential in changing times.

  4. We have extensive market penetration and distribution network in the Philippines

    • The Company operates and manages one of the most extensive distribution networks across the Philippines, which allows CNPF’s products to be available in over eight hundred thousand outlets nationwide.
    • Its exposure to multiple channels and long-standing strong relationships with various customers allow it to maximize and optimize consumer reach.
    • This sales network is also supported by strategically located production facilities that are situated close to the sources of main raw materials.

  5. Finally, we have developed a world-renowned reputation and an increasing presence in the global community

    • CNPF’s reputation of reliability, consistency, and high quality resulted in its long-standing relationships with large international food manufacturers, initially just for tuna, but now for various coconut products as well.
    • Its customers include market leaders and international food companies in some of the most strictly regulated markets, a testament to CNPF’s stringent product quality and supply reliability processes.
    • Aside from being a trusted partner for leading international customers, the Company has begun investing in a worldwide sales and distribution infrastructure that will increase accessibility of CNPF’s own branded products worldwide.


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