A Trusted Partner for Cooking, Marinating, Creaming, and Baking.
A trusted partner of value-seeker Moms as they experiment on new and exciting ways of cooking, marinating, creaming, and baking, Angel offers a variety of good quality dairy products that offer the creamy goodness of milk for more divine deliciousness at an affordable price.

Mas creamy, mas masarap. Angel is Sulit Sarap.

Angel Evaporated Filled Milk

Make life more exciting with Angel Evaporated Filled Milk, from sweet to savory dishes. Surprise your family and friends with Rich and Milky recipes made from Angel Evaporated Filled Milk!

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Angel Evaporated Filled Milk 410ml48x410ml

Angel Evaporated Liquid Creamer

Create creamier and tastier dish made from Angel Evaporada! It is the Sulit Sarap choice of value conscious home makers and food entrepreneurs! Made with Real Milk kaya gatas na gatas ang sarap!

Use Angel Evaporada on your favorite dishes, beverage and even desserts!

Available in 3 sizes to suit different occasions.

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Angel Evaporated Liquid Creamer 140ml48x140ml
 Angel Evaporated Liquid Creamer 365ml48x365ml
 Angel Evaporated Liquid Creamer 410ml48x410ml

Angel Condensada

Make your desserts a delightful treat with the right sweetness and creamier taste of Angel Condensada. It can also be used to sweeten up beverage, fresh fruits and used as filling or spreads to bread and pancakes.

Made with Real Milk kaya gatas na gatas ang sarap!

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Angel Sweetened Condensed Milk 380g48x380g

Angel Kremdensada

Create Kremdelicious dishes using Angel Kremdensada! It combines the goodness of Cream and Condensed Milk in one can! Tama ang Tamis at Mas Tastier than Cream! Sakto ang timpla kaya perfect for your Salad and other dishes!

Try it, to believe it! Just Chill and Mix!

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Angel Kremdensada 410ml24x410ml

Angel KremQueso

Enjoy Creamy and Cheesy dishes with Angel Kremqueso! It combines the goodness of cream and cheese in 1. It’s so convenient to use, no need to grate cheese!

Perfect for cheesy dishes like pasta and caldereta!

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Angel KremQueso 370ml24x370ml

Angel All Purpose Cream

Delight your family with a heavenly bite. Prepare your sweet and savory dishes with Angel All Purpose Cream! It comes in a big, economical 370mL can, making it a practical choice for smart moms! It’s also easy to pour, thick and whip!

Best for all kinds of food preparation – savory and desserts!

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Angel All Purpose Creamer 370ml24x370ml

Angel Coffee Creamer

Enjoy a coffee moment touched by an angel. Angel Coffee Creamer is a non-dairy creamer that makes every sip creamier, richer and smoother. Sulit Sarap talaga!

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Angel Coffee Creamer 5g48x5gx20(pk)
 Angel Coffee Creamer 80g72x80g
 Angel Coffee Creamer 200g48x200g
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It`s so EASY TO USE EVERY DAY on your favorite dishes, mas creamy, mas masarap!

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Angel Kremdensada, 2 in 1 kaya timplado na, NO MORE TANTYA TANTYA! Tama ang Creaminess at Sweetness! Iba-Iba man ang salad, mag-Angel Kremdensada, TIMPLADO, SIGURADO!

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