Let’s get together with Swift!!
Another major CPFI’s enterprise is the acquisition of Swift brand to further expand both its local and international operations. Swift is one of the most trusted brands in the Philippines known for its high quality and great tasting canned meat products that the whole family can enjoy and share together! Its portfolio includes  Vienna Sausage, and Meat Loaf.

Swift Premium Corned Beef

Swift Premium Corned Beef offers a unique and richly satisfying flavor in every bite. It is cooked to perfection and made with 100% premium imported beef. With its natural color, thick shreds and less fat, surely you will switch to Swift.

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Swift Premium Corned Beef 150g48x150g
 Swift Premium Corned Beef 210g48x210g
 Swift Premium Corned Beef (Buy 2 210g, Save P10) 24x2x210g

Swift Sausage

Smoked and fully cooked sausage made only from choice beef/chicken and seasoned with special spices to bring out the natural vienna taste.

 VariantCase Packing Sizes
 Swift Vienna Sausage 70g48x70g
 Swift Vienna Sausage 114g48x114g
Featured Product
Swift Premium Corned Beef is slow-cooked and cured to perfection that allows the beef flavors and juices to gradually seep into the sumptuous premium corned beef… #MmmTakesTime
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